FAQ’s for Teacher Training 200 hour

Q: What does ‘Anjali’ mean?

The prayer hand position is used often in Yoga. It is used most often when saying ‘Namaste’ at the end of class. It is a sacred gesture called Anjali mudra (AHN-jah-lee MOO-dra). ‘Mudra’ is the general name for all positions used by the hands. ‘Anjali’ is an offering. When you put your hands in this pose you are offering yourself. This is an appropriate symbol for learning yoga because as teachers, we humbly offer what we know as an offering of service.

Q: I’m not sure I am ready to teach Yoga.

A: In our curriculum, we start at the very beginning. We will learn the poses from the ground up and our course of study is very thorough. While it is ideal to have an established practice before starting Yoga Teacher Training, we will be doing so much Yoga during the program that by the time the year is over you will feel very comfortable with your level of accomplishment. Learning Yoga is a lifetime training and YTT is just the beginning.

Q: Do I have to decide now if I want to teach Yoga?

A; No. Our program is designed for two kinds of students: those looking to deepen their practice by learning the poses in an in-depth way, and those who enroll to become registered Yoga teachers. We require all students to have a dedicated home practice and to be attending other Yoga classes throughout the year. Some students will decide by the end of the year that they are ready to take their knowledge into the world and begin to teach others. That doesn’t have to be decided at the beginning of the program. The time spent in practice will temper and inform the student about how best to apply their knowledge.

Q: What opportunities are there as a Yoga teacher?

A: If at the end of the program all the requirements are met, the student will be eligible to be a Yoga Alliance registered 200-hour certified Yoga instructor. Because Yoga is very popular now, there are many opportunities in this field. Many teachers work at gyms, Yoga studios, hospitals, dance studios, cruise ships or even open their own businesses.

Q: Where did this curriculum originate?

A: The curriculum used at Anjali Yoga teacher training has been tested for many years at the Mt. Nittany School of Natural Health owned by Anne Mascelli. Many students graduated and went on to teach Yoga successfully.

Q: What does a typical day look like during the program?

A:  Here is a sample schedule….

Saturday, Day 7

8:30-9:45                              Yoga Practice

9:45-10:30                             Check in

10:30- 12:00                         Posture Clinic- Forward bends

12:00-12:45                         Lunch

12:45- 3:15                           Anatomy and Physiology of Respiration

3:30-5:00                            Yoga Practice

SundayDay 8

8:30-9:45                              Yoga Practice

9:45-10:30                            Open Forum

10:45-12:00                          Posture clinic-Forward bends

12:00-12:45                          Lunch

12:45-3:15                            Yogic Philosophy (Asteya and Bramacharya)

3:30-5:00                             Yoga Practice