Core Courses


Anjali Yoga Teacher Training

Topics covered in this Yoga Alliance 200 hour certified course

We teach in the Kripalu style which is a very open and accepting tradition.  We encourage everyone to find his or her own way to what inspires and touches you so you can bring your own truth to your teaching.

Asana- We cover 34 Yoga postures extensively in weekly posture clinics.  We learn the benefits, modifications and contraindications and the sanskrit name for each pose and most importantly how to each pose safely.  We have 3-4 Yoga classes per weekend that we meet. There is required homework of going to 2 yoga classes a month for the first 6 months and in the second 6 months we require you to start a home practice.

Meditation- To get the full benefit of yoga, we believe meditation is an integral part of the practice.  We teach many different mediation techniques such as Breath Meditation, Body Scan, Traktak, Conscious Eating,Walking Meditation, and Mantra Meditation.

Pranayama– Breathing exercises are taught extensively.  Dirgha Breath and Ujjayi breathing are emphasized with Nadi Shodana, Kapalabhati, Shitali and Analoma Viloma also being taught.

Yoga Philosophy– History, cultural perspectives and other styles of Yoga are covered. The Yamas and Niyamas  are emphasized with in depth discussions.

Yoga Anatomy and Physiology  We learn how yoga affects the body. Abdominal organs, muscles, bones and anatomy of breathing are covered in depth. We also learn how muscles move in relationship to each other and how it relates to yoga postures.

How to teach a Yoga class– Throughout the year, you will learn how to teach breathing, centering, meditation, warm-ups, postures, and relaxation techniques. The students will benefit from Tiffany and Basil’s extensive teaching experience to help guide them to be the best teacher they can be. We have many student teaching opportunities so that by the last class the student is able to teach a full 45 minute class.

Marketing, Business issues, Yoga insurance, and Bookkeeping are covered.

Special topics include: “Riding the wave”, Assisting, Chakras, Ayurveda, Stress management, Pregnancy and Yoga, and Conscious Communication, Ethics

A couple things that make our program special-

Open foruma time each week where as a group we discuss topics related to yoga and it’s practice.  Many interesting topics are discussed at this time.

Check-in– This time is is for us a community to come together and speak about our lives  openly in an atmosphere of acceptance and open heartedness.