Core Courses

Core Courses

The 300 hour AYTT is divided into 2  nine month modules.  

Module 1 


Deepening our understanding of the “official” language of Yoga through the learning of new words and phrases as well as their meanings and pronunciation will be stressed in both modules 1 & 2. 


Classic Yoga mudras will be used and learned, allowing each AYTT student to find a connection with his or her own inner flow of energy. 

Yoga Sutras

This includes an in-depth reading of the Yoga Sutras and our traditional discussion group classroom format allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the Sutras and how they were organized by Patanjali. 

Posture clinics

Including deeper postures like arm balances.  Most of the postures we will be learning are advanced postures.  There will be plenty of modifications and variations given so the poses will be accessible to all.

Assisting techniques.  

We will go in depth to learn the art of assisting. We will cover basic principles of assisting, and to learn how to make the posture come alive for each individual, how to look  at people in postures and see where they could expand their pose and also keep them safe in the posture.  We will learn hands on adjustments and learn ways to be respectful of the student as they practice.  

Yoga Nidra practice and Teaching Methodology

Not only will students experience a deeper state of awareness through regular Yoga Nidra practice led by an experienced Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra Guide, each student will design their own body scan and other ways to incorporate Yoga Nidra into their own class or home practice.

Meditation and Pranayama

Meditation is the foundation of a fruitful Yoga practice.  We will practice new techniques and have plenty of time to practice.  We will also learn many new pranayama techniques to support our meditation.  


Leading a class in a singing Yoga chant may be intimidating to you as a Yoga teacher, but through practice, you can lead chants with understanding and confidence. Each student will have the opportunity to choose a Yogic chant and lead it in class following along with a recording made especially for this module.

Modifications and variations

Modifications and variations are the way we make Yoga accessible to everyone and keep the postures interesting.  We will explore them in a fun, creative way.

Seva (selfless service) project

When your heart is full, you naturally want to serve. There will be a community service project of the student’s choosing related to yoga required.

Check-in, open forum and group discussions.

Each weekend, student participation is encouraged and required. Anjali Yoga truly believes that becoming an effective Yoga teacher requires strong communication skills, and all students will have the opportunity to express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences without judgment.

Practice teaching

Our Yoga community plays an important part in this AYTT program, and all students will have numerous opportunities to show their knowledge and understanding of the material in a supportive, encouraging environment.


Module 2


Yoga Philosophy including the Upanishads

This traditional discussion group format will not only be a thorough review of the Yoga Sutras, it will also include exercises through research into the Upanishads and other ancient texts.

Chanting and Kirtan

Teaching Yoga to Special Populations with Extracurricular Activities.  

Expanding your teaching to other populations is extremely rewarding.  Each student will choose a population that he or she is interested in.  The student will research this population and see what special needs they may have.  They will then go out into the community and teach 4 weeks of classes to this population and then prepare a report of how it went and what the student learned to present to the group.

Art of Sequencing

All students will not only experience well- rounded Yoga classes, but will be introduced to themed classes. Sequencing will allow smoother transitions between not only postures, but any aspect of the class that the teacher chooses.


An in-depth study of these “locks” will allow AYTT students to lead them to their own students with more awareness and understanding of the great energy potential inside our own bodies.

Practice Teaching

Energy Anatomy- 

Yoga anatomy includes the knowledge of what happens to your energy as you practice.  The ancient Yogis discovered in depth systems such as Chakras, Koshas and meridians to study the flow of energy.

Meditation retreat. 

 To really experience the benefits that meditation can provide, we will take a day and to meditate. 


Check-in, Open Forum and Group Discussions