grad-10Basil Fisanick and Tiffany Chan want to welcome you to

 Anjali Yoga

 We have many ways

to share Yoga with you…


We teach from the  Kripalu Yoga tradition.  We are deeply committed to giving people a deep Yogic experience which can help to bring wisdom and peace into every day life.  Join us for one of our various offerings.

Yoga Teacher Training, which is a Yoga Alliance approved 200 hour and new 300 hour advanced Yoga Teacher Training program held currently in Altoona, PA and Indiana, PA.

Weekly Yoga classes in Indiana, PA and Nicktown, PA  Tiffany Chan and Basil Fisanick have a variety of classes from which to choose.


“Anjali Yoga Teacher Training is a transformative experience. Tiffany and Basil are not only highly knowlegeable, but also deeply empathetic to their student’s needs.” –Gail M.

“Looking back I and simply blown away by all the things that we were taught in a year. We learned postures, anatomy, sanskrit, the yamas and niyamas, plus ethics, and business practices. It’s been an all around amazing year that I will forever cherish.” -Kaley K.

“This was the best decision I have ever made. I learned so much, met wonderful people, and I feel confident in my education to be a teacher today.”- Carmen J.